“I’m Fine, Thanks”

I'm Fine, Thanks

“I’m Fine, Thanks” is a feature-length documentary that follows Crank Tank’s Grant Peelle on a journey across the United States as he learns from experts and everyday folks how to battle the epidemic of mediocrity that defines so many lives.

Grant, a college theatre major and native of Wilmington, Ohio, has always been at home on the stage. So much so, in fact, that he’d turned his own life into something of an act, in which he made “sensible” business decisions, such as dealing in real estate and running a used-car business. It was a good life.

Recently, though, his dream has been to make movies – but he hadn’t been doing anything to move that dream forward. “I’m Fine, Thanks,” not only looks at the broad epidemic of settling into a “normal” life, but specifically addresses Grant’s design to break out of the mold and create a film, one with lasting impact.

We’re currently in the midst of raising $50,000 to help fund “I’m Fine, Thanks,” using the Kickstarter platform. Learn more about that – and Grant’s story – here.

We believe in the power of community so much that we’re crowdsourcing the soundtrack for our film; find out how you can be included here.

Interested in the two-month road trip that Grant and five others from the Crank Tank team will take as part of the filming of “I’m Fine, Thanks”? Read more about it here, including how you can get involved.

Meet the crew for “I’m Fine, Thanks”

Director – Grant Peelle
Producer – Adam Baker
First Cameraman – Bryan Olinger
Second Cameraman – John Cropper
Production Assistant – Dustin Koester

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