About Crank Tank Studios

Baker and Grant

Adam Baker and Grant Peelle, founders of Crank Tank Studios

Crank Tank Studios is a creative think tank specializing in storytelling and film.

Our message is this:

Push your creativity to its limit. Every single day. That’s where the magic happens.

Crank Tank was founded by Adam Baker and Grant Peelle (the two guys above) in 2011.

We’re currently working on “I’m Fine, Thanks” a feature-length documentary about the epidemic of settling into a mediocre life.

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Crank Tank team

Here's the primary crew responsible for Crank Tank ... from left, Grant Peelle, Dustin Koester, Adam Baker and Joan Otto

The rest of our team:

Our core team of four is responsible for planning and executing Crank Tank Studios’ great ideas. In addition, each of our projects features a top-of-the-line camera crew, chosen specifically for the needs of that film. Read more about our current crew, working on “I’m Fine, Thanks,” here!

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